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Gait Analysis


Gait analysis can be carried out as part of a tailored sports performance analysis assessment. You will be contacted via phone before your appointment to discuss your needs.

Walking and running involve a complex series of joint movements initiated by finely controlled muscular contractions. Deviations from the norm may arise from asymmetrical skeletal structures, joint misalignments or abnormal muscle contractions. Careful gait analysis and fine adjustments may help every day activity or go further and improve sports performance.

Humans are bipedal; in other words, we walk on two legs. To walk or run efficiently requires coordinated movement of the entire body including the upper limbs. The arms naturally counterbalance the lower limbs as they move through the ‘swing’ and weight-bearing phases of gait. The pelvis and spine must rotate left and right as each lower limb swings forward to maintain our direction, coordination and balance. Joints and muscles work together to absorb shock, decelerate a limb moving ready for impact with the ground, propel us forward as the foot leverages our bodyweight upwards from the floor. These are just a small sample of the many things a trained practitioner will observe and assess during a gait analysis session.

By undertaking gait analysis and studying a person closely during their usual walking or running patterns, we may discover weaknesses, bad habits, tight and dysfunctional muscles and groups of muscles. Using a variety of interventions and recommended exercises, we may influence and improve a person’s normal gait thus conserving energy, increasing efficiency and sometimes reducing pain.  

At BeActive Clinic Hertford, gait analysis is just one area of our sports performance analysis service. To find out more about the other services, click on the images below.


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  • So glad I went in to have my back seen too. I can actually move today. Thanks for the prompt and professional service.

    Ellie Purvis
  • Thank you so much for my massage after the Knebworth half marathon today. I walked in with my legs stiff and aching and after just a few minutes I felt I had new legs! Absolutely amazing! Thank you very much!

    Client SS
  • Amazing treatment, friendly and welcoming staff, highly recommended!

    Client EE
  • My first visit today - Wayne was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

    Client DW
  • Fantastic place and Wayne is an absolute star! He's been a great asset in getting me fit and ready for the Great North Run in just over 2 weeks time! And I will continue seeing him post run thereafter. Lovely to be around, very knowledgeable and works wonders!

    Client ZB
  • Wayne is an absolute miracle worker for me, he helps me with my health condition. And I can't thank him enough.

    Client JS




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