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Postural Assessment


A Postural Assessment Can Be Carried Out As Part Of A Tailored Sports Performance Analysis Assessment. You Will Be Contacted Via Phone Before Your Appointment To Discuss Your Needs.

Examining standing or seated static posture through our postural assessment will reveal how we have adopted individual positional variations that are often the most comfortable for us. These habitual adaptations may be assessed to determine where muscles are tight, joints potentially misaligned and stresses transferred on to particular structures.

Although a misalignment may start as an isolated ‘incident’, this usually becomes repetitive and then starts to affect surrounding areas, often extending still further as the ‘condition’ becomes chronic. These often arise from daily activities such as prolonged sitting and using a computer. For example, a person suffering tightness and mild discomfort in their lower back will soon learn, often unconsciously, to adapt their resting position or alter their movements to alleviate the strain in the affected area. As these reactions are repeated, surrounding tissues are loaded in abnormal ways; this may not initially affect us, but the longer these musculoskeletal imbalances prevail, the more likely we are to develop aches and pains and adapt our ‘normal’ posture and movement patterns to make life more comfortable for ourselves.

Unfortunately, whilst the human body has astounding abilities to repair itself, it doesn’t always recognise when other changes can be harmful, leading to chronic aches and pains that seriously affect our quality of life.

During your postural assessment our practitioners use a series of observational assessments and functional tests to build a complete client history before beginning the process of identifying the causes of the problems, resulting in an individual postural assessment treatment and rehabilitation plan. We may also use our real-time ultrasound scanner to check if key muscles are firing properly.

To achieve your desired outcomes and rectify long standing bad habits may require long-term commitment from you and some support from us along the way; the good news is that, with a little effort, results are achievable and we are often able to measure progress.

At BeActive Clinic Hertford, postural assessment is just one area of our sports performance analysis service. To find out more about the other services, click on the images below.


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  • Amazing treatment, friendly and welcoming staff, highly recommended!

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  • Wayne is an absolute miracle worker for me, he helps me with my health condition. And I can't thank him enough.

    Client JS
  • Fantastic place and Wayne is an absolute star! He's been a great asset in getting me fit and ready for the Great North Run in just over 2 weeks time! And I will continue seeing him post run thereafter. Lovely to be around, very knowledgeable and works wonders!

    Client ZB
  • So glad I went in to have my back seen too. I can actually move today. Thanks for the prompt and professional service.

    Ellie Purvis
  • Thank you so much for my massage after the Knebworth half marathon today. I walked in with my legs stiff and aching and after just a few minutes I felt I had new legs! Absolutely amazing! Thank you very much!

    Client SS
  • My first visit today - Wayne was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

    Client DW




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